Crowd Companies

Graphic material designed in cooperation with
Crowd Companies™, San Francisco, California -
and Jermiah Owyang, Chief Catalyst and Founder @jowyang



Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2.0 graphic featured in
Arun Sundararajans book "The Sharing Economy" published by MIT press.



Sharing Economy and Collaborative Economy Honeycomb




03/2016 The Honeycomb 3.0 infographic
Linkedin article, blog post
Honeycomb 3.0 infographic




When robots take the wheel infographic design, Jeremiah Owyang Crowd Companies, SF California
huffingtonpost article

autonomous cars infographic


a few slides for PPT


autonomous cars PPT slides design



Collaborative Economy Technology Stack 1.0 infographic design, Crowd Companies, SF California


Crowd Company infographic




12/2014 The Honeycomb 2.0 infographic
Releasing of this graphic was on LeWeb 2014, Paris.

Honeycomb 2.0 infographic


A Day in the Life of Collaborative Economy
Presented on Dreamforce October 13-16, 2014 San Francisco 
10/2014 infographic design



infographic A day in the life of the Collaborative Economy 

Collaborative Economy Honeycomb - 05/2014


Honeycomb 1.0 infographic


infographic  Collaborative Economy Honeycomb